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What Is SIC?

School Idol Collection is a Collectible Card Game with characters from the Love Live! franchise, where your goal is to perform a successful live show! Manage your Members on the Stage, organize Lives with songs from your Set List, and be the first to reach the Live Points goal to win!

This game uses illustrations and ideas from the original School Idol Festival game and remixes them into a turn-based strategy game. You can play alone or with as many people as you want, dive deep into deckbuilding to find new ways to score points even faster - or just enjoy the illustrations, with both familiar cards from SIF and original designs, and collect them all!

Maybe you already have collected some of the cards because they looked neat, but never knew how the CCG itself works? Check out the How To Play page, look up your cards with the Quick Search in the top right of the site, and give SIC a try!

Right now, this site aims to be a complete repository for translations of both the game's cards and official help pages, with some extra bits like linking to search results right from Skill texts and the Label Printer. In the future, this site will hopefully offer even more, including deckbuilding helpers and even the ability to play-test right in your browser – to share this little card game I like with everyone, and give other Love Live! fans the chance to try it. But for now, I hope you enjoy browsing through all the cards SIC has to offer!