How To Play

These pages are (mostly) straight translations of the How To Play and FAQ on the official site, including details and clarifications for various rules and Skills, with some reorganisation and a few extra notes. If you are confused about a certain aspect of the game or you run into a situation where it is unclear how exactly a Skill should be resolved, maybe your question is already answered here!

While official events will be played as described here, the official help pages state that you don't have to exactly follow what it says in casual play. The content of these pages describe how the game's designers interpret the rules, but as long as you talk it out with the other players and everyone agrees, they encourage you to experiment with slight changes, and see whether you can make some new discoveries that'll help you enjoy SIC even more ♪
Game Rules
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Your Sinclair made a great translation with typesetting of the original rule sheet, explaining the basic rules of SIC. This is all you need to know if you want to try out the game!
Extra Rules Info
Details on Idolization, Pairs/Trios and Memories – new game mechanics, which were introduced in later card sets. Also, some optional rules and official event rules!
Frequently asked questions and answers about the general game rules. If you have questions about specific cards, make sure to also check the Per-Set FAQ below!