Label Printer

Page Settings

Sheet Size
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Printer Margins
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Card Numbers

Enter the card numbers (starting with "LL", "EX" or "PR") of the cards that you want to print labels for. Seperate them with commas, spaces or line breaks.
To make it easier to enter the numbers for lots of cards, you can leave out the "-", and capitalization does not matter.

How to Use

Example for the Label Printer
If you own SIC cards, the Label Printer allows you to create small tags for your collection. With these, you can add translations for Skills and Live Costumes to their sleeving, and play without having to memorize all the card info!

Enter the card numbers of your deck above, and select the paper size your printer uses, then hit the "Generate" button. You will get a page with all the labels you need for your cards, automatically layouted and ready to print! Once you've printed it, all you need is scissors to cut everything out.

If you don't own a printer, you can also bring the labels to a public printer or print shop. Most desktop operating systems allow you to save any printable page as PDF - just look for something like "Save as PDF" in the printer list after pressing the "Print" button.

(Note that it is not guaranteed that cards with these labels are tournament legal, since they cover up the original card info and text. The labels are mainly meant for casual play. Please ask the organizers about whether you can use the labeled cards before playing with them!)