LL02 Frequently Asked Questions

LL02-046 SR "Honoka Kousaka" to LL02-054 SR "Nico Yazawa"

Does this Skill require both of the listed Members to join the ⟪LIVE⟫?
No. If, for example, LL02-046 SR "Honoka Kousaka" is joining a ⟪LIVE⟫ with either a "Kotori" or "Hanayo" card, she will gain +[ALL] .

LL02-055 HR "Honoka Kousaka"

If I don't have two "Honoka" cards in my Hand, can I keep my Hand hidden?
Yes. Because the Skill says "You may", you are not forced to reveal your Hand.

LL02-056 HR "Eli Ayase"

If this card is the only "Eli" card on Stand-By after ⟪ENTER⟫ing, do I have to return it to my Hand?
Yes. Return the ⟪ENTER⟫ed Member to your Hand.
Can I return an "Eli" card without Stars to my Hand?
Yes. You can't draw any cards, but you can return the Member to your Hand.

LL02-057 HR "Kotori Minami"

Can I only use this Skill if I perform a ⟪LIVE⟫ using this card's [LIVE] ?
No. You can use this skill in any ⟪LIVE⟫ this Member is joining.
Do I have to return a Member to the bottom of my Deck if this card joins a ⟪LIVE⟫?
No. Because the Skill says "You may return", you do not have to return a Member if you already have enough Pieces.

LL02-059 HR "Rin Hoshizora"

After entering this Member using a "Rin" card's [RUSH], I ⟪ENTER⟫ed a card with an [Entry] Skill (such as LL02-055 HR "Honoka Kousaka"), and I also drew a card. Can I use the card I drew for the ⟪ENTER⟫ed card's Skill?
Yes. You draw the card before resolving the ⟪ENTER⟫ed card's [Entry] Skill, so you can use that card for it.

LL02-060 HR "Maki Nishikino"

Which Members are meant by "Members other than "Maki""?
Any Member whose name is not "Maki Nishikino".
If this Member was ⟪ENTER⟫ed using another card's [RUSH], can I return the Member who has [RUSH] to my Hand?
Yes. That Member is on Stand-By, so you can return it to your Hand. If they are the only Member other than "Maki", you have to return it.

LL02-061 HR "Nozomi Tojo"

When I ⟪SCOUT⟫ using this Member's Skill, do I draw the card I flipped face-up?
Yes. It is still the top card of your Deck, so you should draw it. After drawing it, you can hide the front side again.
There is no other "Nozomi" card on Stand-By besides this card that just ⟪ENTER⟫ed. If I flip over a "Nozomi" card using this Skill, can I ⟪SCOUT⟫?
Yes. The "Nozomi" card you just ⟪ENTER⟫ed is on Stand-By, so you can ⟪SCOUT⟫.

LL02-062 HR "Hanayo Koizumi"

There is was another Member with the same name as the flipped card on Stand-By, and it's not a "Hanayo" card. What happens in this case?
Nothing happens. The flipped card remains face-up on top of your Deck.

LL02-063 HR "Nico Yazawa"

If, for example, I perform a ⟪LIVE⟫ with this "Nico" card and two "Honoka" cards, does this Skill add the extra Piece?
No. This Skill counts the amount of Member cards, not different Members. In this case, the "Nico" card is one of three total Members, so the condition is not met and the Piece is not added.

LL02-064 M "Snow halation"

If multiple Lives use this Song card, is the Live Points goal increased for each one?
Yes. One point is added for each card used.
I performed a ⟪LIVE⟫ with this Song when the Live Points goal was 9, and hit 9 Live Points. Do I win?
No. The Live Points goal was increased by one, so you need another point.
If playing with three or more players, what happens if a Live using this Song card is performed when one of the players already won with 9 Live Points?
The players who have already won will remain winners. The Live Points goal increases for the remaining players.
The player who used this Song card for a Live has won. Is the [While Live] Skill still active after that?
Yes. [While Live] Skills will be active until the end of the game.

LL02-065 M "Wonderful Rush"

LL02-067 M "baby maybe Koi no Button"

LL02-073 M "Eien Friends" / "Nightinggale Love Song"

LL02-074 M "Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku" / "Futari Happiness"

LL02-075 M "Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan" / "Trouble Busters"

The Skill says "all three" Members must join this ⟪LIVE⟫ - does that mean I can't use this Skill of this Song card unless I perform the ⟪LIVE⟫ with exactly three Member cards?
No. As long as at least one card of each mentioned Member is joining, you can use as many Member cards for this ⟪LIVE⟫ as you want.