LL03 Frequently Asked Questions

LL03-056 HR "Eli Ayase"

What are "Base Live Points"?
It refers to the large number in the top right of the Song card. If there are Bonus Live Points, as in "2 + 1", it only refers to the number on the left.

LL03-057 HR "Kotori Minami"

LL03-058 HR "Umi Sonoda"

When I ⟪ENTER⟫ed this Member, there already were three face-up Song card in my Set List. Can I still ⟪ENTER⟫ the top card of my Deck?
Yes. No matter whether you flipped cards or not, as long as you meet the Attribute requirement, you can ⟪ENTER⟫ the top card of your deck.
There was only one face-up Song card in my Set List when I ⟪ENTER⟫ed this Member. Which Song cards should I flip and how?
Flip face-down cards one by one until there are three face-up cards.
If there are any Song cards that were flipped face-down by another Skill, you can, but don't have to choose them.
After you have flipped your first card, you may choose your second card after seeing which Song card you just turned over.

LL03-061 HR "Nozomi Tojo"

Which Members are meant by "other Members"?
Any card that is not this one. For example, you may use this Member's Skill to give +[ALL] [ALL] to any other "Nozomi" card, including another LL03-061 HR "Nozomi Tojo".

LL03-062 HR "Hanayo Koizumi"

If this Skill's requirement is not met, but there's a Member with three Stars joining the same ⟪LIVE⟫, will this card gain +[ALL] [ALL] ?
No. At the time the [Live Join] Skill is resolved, there are no Members in Lives with three or more Stars, so this card will not gain +[ALL] [ALL] .

LL03-065 M "Yuujou No Change"

LL03-066 M "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de" / "WILD STARS"

LL03-068 M "Music S.T.A.R.T!!" / "LOVELESS WORLD"

LL03-071 M "HEART to HEART!"

LL03-072 M "WAO-WAO Powerful day!"

LL03-073 M "Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute"

LL03-074 M "Sankaku CROSSROADS"

Are the Skill requirements for these Song cards only met if all three Members of the unit join?
No. It is not neccessary for all three to be there. For example, if you perform a ⟪LIVE⟫ with LL03-072 M "WAO-WAO Powerful day!" with only "Honoka" cards, the Any Piece requirement is still reduced by 3.