LL04 Frequently Asked Questions

LL04-037 SR "Chika Takami" to LL04-045 SR "Ruby Kurosawa"

When counting "differently named "Aqours" Members", should I count the card that has this Skill, too?
Yes. They count as well.

LL04-046 HR "Chika Takami"

At the time I ⟪ENTER⟫ed this Member, there were eight other Members on Stand-By. Can I ⟪SCOUT⟫using this Skill?
No. This Member counts as well, so there are nine Members on Stand-By and the Skill's condition is not met.

LL04-047 HR "Riko Sakurauchi"

If two or more of this card join a ⟪LIVE⟫, can I flip further Song cards?
Yes. For example, if two of this "Riko" card join a ⟪LIVE⟫, you can, together with the one Song card you flip from performing a ⟪LIVE⟫ by default, flip a total of three cards.

LL04-048 HR "Kanan Matsuura"

The card I returned from my Hand to the bottom of my Deck to use the [Entry] Skill was the last card in my Hand. Can I still choose the ⟪ENTER⟫ option?
Yes. As long as you return a card to the bottom of your Deck, you can choose either.
If you don't have any cards in your Hand, you can't ⟪ENTER⟫ a card from your Hand, which means you can't do anything when picking that option.

LL04-049 HR "Dia Kurosawa"

What happens if the top card of the Deck is flipped face-up, or the Deck is empty?
Even if the card is visible to them, the next player must "guess" whether it has Stars or not, then use the effect corresponding to the answer.
If your Deck is empty, you cannot use this Skill.

LL04-050 HR "You Watanabe"

LL04-051 HR "Yoshiko Tsushima"

LL04-052 HR "Hanamaru Kunikida"

Can the other players choose to not draw a card?
No. You always draw three cards, and the other players always draw one card each.

LL04-060 M "Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo"

LL04-061 M "Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?"

Is the draw limit increased by one even if I ⟪SCOUT⟫ using a Skill like the one of LL04-046 HR "Chika Takami"?
Yes. Even if you use a Skill to do so, ⟪SCOUT⟫ing will always get +1 extra card. Note that Skills such as "Draw X cards" are not ⟪SCOUT⟫s, so you cannot draw extra cards.
The player who used this Song card for a Live has won. Is the [While Live] Skill still active after that?
Yes. [While Live] Skills will be active until the end of the game.

LL04-062 M "Tokimeki Bunruigaku"

LL04-053 HR "Mari Ohara" is joining this ⟪LIVE⟫, after I chose to use [RUSH] when I ⟪ENTER⟫ed her. Will she still gain +[ALL] from this Song card's Skill?
Yes. She has a [LIVE] icon, so she will gain +[ALL] .

LL04-064 M "Aozora Jumping Heart"

LL04-065 M "Humming Friend"

The Members joining this ⟪LIVE⟫ have 3x [SMILE] and 1x [ALL] in total. Will the requirement be reduced to 2?
No. This Skill requires four or more Pieces of one of the Attribute types [SMILE] , [PURE] , [COOL] or [ALL] . You cannot count [ALL] as a Piece of an Attribute of your choice.