LL15 Frequently Asked Questions

LL15-028 SR "Chika Takami" to LL15-036 SR "Ruby Kurosawa"

LL15-037 SR "Chika Takami" to LL15-045 SR "Ruby Kurosawa"

LL15-046 SR "Sarah Kazuno"

LL15-047 SR "Leah Kazuno"

LL15-048 HR "Chika Takami"

LL15-077 SEC "Chika Takami"

LL15-049 HR "Riko Sakurauchi"

LL15-078 SEC "Riko Sakurauchi"

LL15-050 HR "Kanan Matsuura"

LL15-079 SEC "Kanan Matsuura"

LL15-051 HR "Dia Kurosawa"

LL15-080 SEC "Dia Kurosawa"

LL15-052 HR "You Watanabe"

LL15-081 SEC "You Watanabe"

LL15-053 HR "Yoshiko Tsushima"

LL15-082 SEC "Yoshiko Tsushima"

LL15-054 HR "Hanamaru Kunikida"

LL15-083 SEC "Hanamaru Kunikida"

LL15-055 HR "Mari Ohara"

LL15-084 SEC "Mari Ohara"

LL15-056 HR "Ruby Kurosawa"

LL15-085 SEC "Ruby Kurosawa"


LL15-059 M "Hop? Stop? Nonstop!"

LL15-060 M "Brightest Melody"

What exactly does "only one type of Pieces" mean?
Members that have only one type of Pieces would be, for example, a Member with [SMILE] x 2 or a Member with [ALL] x 1. They have either only [SMILE] or only [ALL] respectively, so they have "only one type of Pieces".
On the other hand, a Member with [SMILE] x 1 and [ALL] x 1, for example, would not could as a Member who has "only one type of Pieces", as there are two different attributes in their Pieces. ([ALL] cannot be used as a wildcard.)

LL15-061 M "Over The Next Rainbow"

LL15-062 M "Jump up HIGH!!"

I performed a ⟪LIVE⟫ with this Song card, and all three members of both "CYaRon!" and "AZALEA" joining it. Does this mean I can draw six cards using the [Live Success] Skill?
No. Even if all three members of more than one subunit join the ⟪LIVE⟫, you can only draw three cards.

LL15-063 M "Mitaiken HORIZON"

LL15-064 M "Deep Resonance"

LL15-065 M "Dance with Minotaurus"

LL15-066 SP "Chika Takami" to LL15-076 SP "Leah Kazuno"

What does "[Starter] [Entry] " mean?
You can use this Skill both at the start of the match if you chose this Member as your starting Member, or when ⟪ENTER⟫ing this Member.
If multiple players have starting Members with [Starter] Skills, in what order should the Skills be used?
Skills are used in the turn order decided at the start of the match. Once everyone's [Starter] Skills have been resolved, the first player in the turn order can begin.

LL15-088 GR "Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!"

LL15-089 GR "Torikoriko PLEASE!!"

LL15-090 GR "Strawberry Trapper"


What Attribute does this Song card count as?
Treat these cards' Attributes as the same as the corresponding M Rarity card with the same ID.